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Shortcut Your Way To The World's Most Prestigious Investment Banks By Using The Support Of Ex-Goldman Sachs, PWP, & Lazard Investment Bankers.

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Land interviews fast

Tired of waiting months without any replies from recruiters? Land interviews within days thanks to our proprietary cold emailing & networking system.

This system leverages the mechanism of employee referrals to put your CV "at the top of the pile", leading HR to invite you for first round interviews in a predictable and consistent way.

Our students have successfully used this system to land job interviews at: Lazard, Citi, Nomura, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Jefferies, Rothschild, Barclays, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, and many more.


Ace your interviews

Know exactly what to expect on the interview day thanks to our insider-made database of 125+ most frequently asked interview questions at bulge-bracket banks and elite boutiques (includes fit + technical questions).

Every interview question you'll find in our database has been sourced from real interviews at top investment banks, including JPMorgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Arma Partners, Greenhill, Credit Suisse, Centerview, Deutsche Bank, and many more...

This database is constantly updated with the input of our students and extensive network of IB industry contacts - which includes active investment bankers, headhunters, and senior recruiting professionals. For every question, we provide examples of high performing answers prepared by our team of experienced investment banking coaches.


Secure prestigious offers

Know exactly what to say and how to behave during IB interviews to secure the most prestigious offers. Best-in-class interview prep material prepared by active and former finance professionals from Goldman Sachs, Lazard, Perella Weinberg Partners, and CVC.

All of our coaches have at least 3 years of investment banking experience at bulge-bracket banks or elite boutiques, and have been specifically selected for their exceptional technical mastery and unparalleled understanding of recruiters' expectations during IB job interviews.

Why Alpha Lane?

Alpha Lane has been one of the most trusted finance career accelerators since 2021. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition.

Alpha Lane

Step-by-step IB networking guide that tells you exactly what to do & what to say to land interviews

Know who to contact and what to say to them to land interviews at top investment banks.

Safe networking techniques successfully tested on hundreds of investment bankers

All the networking techniques we provide have been successfully tested on hundreds of BB and EB investment bankers.

Real interview questions sourced from real interviews at top investment banks

Only real interview questions that are highly likely to be asked during your interviews at bulge-bracket banks and elite boutiques.

Freshly updated database of interview questions fed by industry insiders

Our proprietary database is constantly updated by our extensive network of industry contacts, working at PWP, Lazard, CVC, Goldman Sachs, Evercore, and more.

Gain an intuitive understanding of critical financial concepts tested during interviews

Don’t memorize hundreds of questions. Understand all key financial concepts tested during interviews on an intuitive level to be ready to tackle any questions.

In-depth training on verbal intelligence, interview mannerism, & non-verbal communication

Cultural fit is the #1 factor determining interview success. There are subtle “industry codes” that you need to communicate. We teach you that.

Other finance prep providers

Generic networking advice often disconnected from market reality. Lack of precise instructions

Advice that doesn’t take the lifestyle of investment bankers into account. You don’t have any specific networking instructions.

Intrusive networking practices that may decrease your chances or even disqualify you

Many competitors advise you to use cold emailing techniques that may annoy bankers or even get you blacklisted.

Outdated list of questions that you probably won’t get during interviews

Competitors often use outdated lists of questions that are not being asked anymore.

Static list of questions made by people who have no foot in the industry

Some of our competitors exited the IB industry 5-7 years ago. They have no idea of the interview questions currently being asked at top investment banks.

Overly complex technical prep on concepts that are unlikely to be tested during interviews

Many competitors go too far on technical topics that are not even tested during interviews. They follow an academic approach, not a practical one.

Exclusive focus on technical preparation, without taking “cultural fit” into consideration

Competitors often fail to understand that how you behave is far more important than what you know. They don’t train you on cultural fit and social signaling.
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