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Interview Generation Service, by Alpha Lane

Let us secure top interviews for you by leveraging our insider network. Delivered exclusively by Alpha Lane.

Struggling To Secure Job Interviews In Investment Banking And Finance? Let Us Do The Work For You.

For a select few applicants, we occasionally offer a fully bespoke interview generation service. As part of this exclusive service, we leverage our own network of industry insiders (M&A, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and more) to generate interview invites for our clients. 

The scope of our network and the close relationships we have with top recruiting decision makers enable us to guarantee interview opportunities for our clients, in line with their professional ambitions. 

Due to the extremely time consuming nature and execution complexity of this service, we only work with a select few candidates who are highly motivated, exceptionally driven, and who have a genuine interest in finance. This special bespoke service is only available in some periods of the year. 

To learn more about this exclusive service and check the availability, you can book a call with us by clicking on the button below. First we will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire. Then, you’ll be able to book a discovery call.

Our Network Is Composed Of 2,300+ Top Finance Professionals From:

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