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Top 5 Courses That Will Help You Get A Job In Investment Banking After Graduation

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There is a reason why investment banking continues to attract thousands of applicants every year:

  • Extremely competitive compensation: total pay (bonus + salary) can reach £100,000 right out of university
  • Unparalleled exit opportunities into the most the most lucrative finance positions (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds)
  • Opportunity to work with exceptionally smart, ambitious, and driven people from the world’s best universities
  • Still largely seen as the “Royal Path” in finance due to its elitist, excellence-driven culture. High social prestige.

Now, here’s the thing: as you may know already, getting a job or internship offer in investment banking is incredibly hard. So hard that most applicants give up and join less in-demand industries, even if it wasn’t their first choice. 

The top investment banks – such as GS, JPM and MS – reject about 98% of candidates. That means that out of 100 candidates, only 2 will be lucky enough to get an offer. 

For context, Harvard University, one of the most selective universities in the world, has an acceptance rate of around 5%…

So it’s not so hard to understand why your applications keep getting rejected, even if you spent hours preparing your cover letter and polishing your CV.

The question is: what can you do to increase your odds of success? Are there any specific courses you can follow to make you more likely to get a job in investment banking?

The good news is: there are!

If you complete these courses, you won’t magically land a full-time M&A role at Goldman Sachs. But you will be in a far better position to get an offer suitable to your ambitions compared to other candidates. 

In this article, we present a hand-picked selection of 5 courses that will help you get a job in investment banking after graduation. 

Here are the key things you need to look for in a course

There are 3 main criteria you need to look for in a course to make sure it actually helps you get a role in investment banking:

  • They cover financial material that you will actually get during the interview OR which you need to work in IB, NOT obscure academic theory that has no practical use in the daily life of an investment banker
  • They are made by current or former investment bankers from reputable investment banks, NOT academics. Investment bankers were exactly in your shoes at some point in their lives, so they know what works and what doesn’t to break into the IB industry.
  • They are as comprehensive as possible: they teach you everything you need to know to get a job in IB, from how to build a strong CV, how to network with bankers to land job interviews, and how to prepare yourself for fit and technical questions
The top 5 courses that will help you get a job in investment banking
The Investment Banking Blueprint, by Alpha Lane


  • Highly comprehensive. Covers everything students need to know to get a job in investment banking (from how to get interviews to how to pass interviews)
  • Includes a step-by-step tutorial to help students generate interview invites at top investment banks
  • Very thorough and high-quality course modules on interview preparation, including fit and technical questions
  • Made by former and active investment bankers from Goldman Sachs, Lazard, and Perella Weinberg Partners with a strong track record
  • Great value for money


  • The cold-emailing system suggested by the course to obtain interviews can take time to implement. Time-intensive course
  • Relatively young course provider
  • No networking opportunities with other students since the course is 100% online

The Investment Banking Blueprint is an in-depth, comprehensive online course that teaches students everything they need to know to secure a top-tier offer in investment banking. 

The course was made by an ex-Goldman Sachs analyst in collaboration with seasoned investment bankers from some of the world’s most prestigious investment banks, including Lazard and Perella Weinberg Partners. It was explicitly designed to help students get a job in investment banking as fast as possible, instead of merely teaching financial knowledge.

The course shows students how to land interviews at top investment banks using advanced cold-emailing tactics and proven networking strategies. It also contains a wealth of CV tips to help students pass the CV screens of the most selective investment banks. 

Another big part of the course is dedicated to training students for all types of interview questions, including fit and technical questions (the course offers a list of the most commonly asked interview questions, with examples of high-performing answers for each question). The course also includes an advanced technical preparation on DCF, valuation multiples, accounting, and key corporate finance concepts, among others. 

The Investment Banking Blueprint is currently priced at £247, which is relatively affordable considering the depth and quality of insights contained in this course made by top industry professionals. 

Finally, the course comes with a money-back guarantee – meaning that students can get a full refund if they’re not completely satisfied with the career outcomes they get. We would obviously recommend this course to any student who wishes to break into the investment banking industry at bulge-bracket banks or elite boutiques.  

City Investment Training – Full-Time Analyst Programme


  • Extensive coverage of the key skills required to work in investment banking
  • Include many case studies and real-life simulations
  • Advanced technical preparation which can greatly help for interviews
  • Opportunity to network and share knowledge with other students



  • Very expensive
  • Limited preparation on networking and how to get interviews

This course is an in-depth group coaching programme that teaches some of the foundational skills of an investment banker, including financial modeling, valuation, report writing, etc.  

During this 2-month programme (taking place in their London office), students can sharpen their financial skills by working real-life case studies in Private Equity, M&A, VC, and more, and get an opportunity to build financial models from scratch with the support of teachers.  

It’s a great programme for students who want to master the technical part of interviews, thanks to the extensive financial coaching that it provides. 

Since the course takes place in an office, students also have the opportunity to network with each other and share their knowledge. 

While this course is definitely on the expensive side (the programme costs several thousands of British pounds), it might be a good investment for candidates who want to strengthen their technical skills for interviews, or who want to prepare themselves effectively for a IB role they’re about to start.

AlumnEye Summer Session


  • In-depth coaching on interview questions, including fit and technical ones
  • Include a CV review
  • Reputable organization that has trained many students
  • Great course for students who wish to learn more about investment banking recruiting processes
  • Opportunity to network and share knowledge with other students



  • Mostly composed of French students. Can be difficult to “fit in” the group for non-French speaker (although the course is provided in English)
  • Expensive

AlumEye is a French, Paris-based organization that teaches students how to get jobs in finance, among other things. 

Their coaching course “Summer Session” is an in-depth coaching programme designed to help students improve their CV, prepare them for interviews, help them pass bank screenings, and so on. 

The programme lasts between 3-6 weeks, depending on the package selected. It may be a good choice for students who wish to learn more about the investment banking recruitment process and receive preparation for interviews – both on the fit and technical side. 

The programme is relatively expensive (€1,500) but may be worth it for those who need help with CV optimization, aptitude tests, and interview prep. 

Also, it should be noted that the majority of AlumnEye students are French (but the courses are in English).

Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package – Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification Program


  • Very practical course, teaches you real-life skills for IB
  • Made by a reputable course provider who has been on the market for over a decade
  • Good industry recognition (used by banks to train their new recruits)
  • Good value for money



  • Doesn’t show you how to get a job in investment banking
  • May help you master technical skills, but doesn’t prepare you on interview technical questions

Wall Street Prep is a reputable course provider which has been used by top investment banks for many years now. The Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package is commonly used by banks to train their new hires on the technical aspects of the job, meaning that it’s well recognized among the industry.

The course focuses on teaching you real-life practical skills for the job instead of pure academic theory. As such, if you’ve already secured an internship or graduate role in IBD, this course may help you get up to speed on the technical front before you start working.

In terms of content, it covers important aspects of investment banking, including financial modeling, M&A, trading comps, DCF, LBO, and so on. At the time of writing this article, it is currently priced at $499, which is I believe good value for money considering the quality and depth of content of the course.

You can learn more about the course here:

The Investment Banker from Financial Edge


  • In-depth technical course used by some of the world’s top investment banks
  • 100% online, easy-to-use learning platform
  • Focus on real-life practice instead of academic theory
  • Great value for money
  • Reactive and helpful support team



  • Doesn’t show you how to obtain interviews 
  • Purely technical course, no preparation on the fit & behavioral side
  • Delay to obtain a refund is very short

This more advanced course is a great choice for students and young professionals who want to hit the ground running as fast as possible. It is used by some of the top investment banks to train their new hires. 

The course can be followed 100% online and offers great quality training on financial statement analysis, financial modeling, M&A, valuation, and other technical areas you need to master to be a successful investment banking analyst. Made by former and current

industry professionals, this course is very practical and well-aligned with the reality of the job. 

Currently priced at £399, the course is great value for money for those who want to develop their finance skills ahead of starting a new role in IBD, or for those who are already working in the industry and who want to strengthen their existing skill set. You can learn more about the course here:


A word about the author

Aurelian Tran is the founder of Alpha Lane and an ex-Goldman Sachs analyst who has spent 4+ years working in the investment banking industry.

He founded Alpha Lane to help students and young professionals achieve their highest professional ambitions, by securing offers at top-tier financial institutions.